Happy Mothers day

Happy mothers day from my crazy circus to yours. A family photo isn’t complete without a cloth diaper on a lamp, a hidden plate of candy and a tea cup.

My first Mothers day as a mother of two was as uneventful as the previous mothers day but this time I got some photos out of it.

Being a mother can be infuriating, frustrating and most of the time you feel like you’re running a zoo, but most of the time it’s filed with lots of happiness and contentness that you have your children in your life, my boys fills my heart up with so much joy and watching them grow up is a gift I really appreciate.

Arren my first born son, the most stubborn little fighter in town, but he’s always trying to make us laugh, he’s selling Carl out for toots and basically rolls on the floor laughing when he does, he’s so fun and adventurious and he makes us get out of our comfort zones all the time.

Asher the little baby, is the perfect addition to the family. God, knew I needed a calm baby after the intensity that was Arren. He’s so smiley, grabby, adorable beyond believe and loves to explore. He’s so dedicated to move that it’s upsetting to see him hit milestones faster and faster.

I never thought I would be a boy mom, but I love these boys so much.

Photos of life lately

a whole lot of photos from life lately..

nothings says spring like daffodils
park dates with Arren. I’ve been starting to take Arren out for one on one dates, and boy, does he love the time together, we chat, balance, play, and he always acts like such a jokester.
lots and lots of learning.
Enchilada night
counting bear fun.
playground fun.
building box houses. Arren is a round sticker artist.
tower building, he makes a mean building, including stairs.
chocolate chunk cookie baking
walks on the pier.

Easter 2021

I’m still playing catch up on posts so nothing says delayed like an Easter post in May right?

With two boys life is a little crazy, but I love it. Everything is just so much livelier and happy, but with that comes a lot of things that are put on the backburner, including updating my blog and my floors that only get mopped twice a week these days. So without further ado the Easter post.

We started our Easter weekend with some fun Easter themed work activities for Arren. Out of all the holidays Arren’s favorite is Easter, he prefers it over Christmas, there is just something about a bunny, eggs and Jesus’s resurrection that makes this boy really excited, throw in an Easter egg hunt and some yummy treats and you know it’s going to be a good time.

Even though Asher is too little for the activities he was pretty content with his Easter bunny and proceeded to try and bite his head off, soon after Easter we noticed he was starting teething, two babies that started teething at 4 months, we deserve a prize or something.

with covid restrictions still in effect this year’s Easter looked just as grim as last year, this year even all the Polish people seemed over it, so many people were going for walks in their sweats, instead of nice outfits, no church and a lot of glum looking faces as Easter was toned down for the second year.

I decided to make the best of it and gave Arren a weekend Easter egg hunt with map included, the map was a nice touch for him and we were pretty shocked to see Arren really understanding how to use a map an finding all of his treats really fast.

We started are morining of with pumpkin bunny cinnamon rolls, which I prepped the night before, I started really strong and had so many plans for a feast for easter, but after making dinner rolls, and only having a couple we filed up to much and were too full to make a full feast.

Dinner rolls and lemon squares make a perfect feast for year two of a covid Easter.

Hopefully next year will be a different Easter.

Gdansk at night

One of the best things about living in Gdansk is the safety, it’s something we are not really used to coming from South Africa. Walking around the beach in the middle of the night is a freedom that we all love.

Having Arren be able to freely play, run and explore is a blessing.

Seeing the Baltic sea, surrounded by forest is a magical sight, you can almost see the vikings coming over if you imagine hard enough

Everywhere you look you can see little memories that we’re still in a pandemic, from the masks on the beach to the keep your distance stickers on everything.

but, the playground is always at 10% full when its under 10C the Polish people really seem to hate the cold, we don’t mind as long as there isn’t a deep layer of snow Arren is always ready to go.

Soon we will long for night to actually come, when it seems like an endless day, that never ends during the Polish Summer and we will be longing for the leaves to start falling.

Arren the artist

Everyday Arren and I get creative, either we bake together, make something interest for a snack, make origami, little boxes or we paint.

Life in Poland

Life in Poland right now feels like a blur maybe its Covid, maybe its having new baby,but its all just whirling past. I mean how is it already February?

Snow Day

Carl and I have both been snow, cold weather people I mean Arren’s middle name is even Yuki which means snow, but something happened when you have children, after taking 2 hours to get them in snow suits and jackets, snow starts to lose its magic.

Online vegetable deliver in Gdansk, Poland

When we first moved into our new apartment we soon realized we were further away from the bigger shops than we would like, as a family we eat a lot of vegetables, so much that Arren doesn’t even know that all his treats are laced with vegetables. When you don’t have a car and how much groceries you get depends on how much your stroller will be able to hold things can get tricky and having a new baby makes getting to further locations by train or bus a little more difficult, in those times you can only look at food delivery.

a baby lives here

Being a mother the second time around is kind of like riding a bike, things are easier than with the first one, but so much harder at the same time, but totally worth all the frustrations.