Our old stomping ground

A while back we went to our old neighborhood for a little playground hop.

One of the things I really miss about our old place is the nature, and living basically in a forest. Yes, it was tiring most of the time, walking through the entire park to get to a shop, but boy was it beautiful and so fun for little Arren, but I’m still happy we moved, our Neptun Park apartment was just too small for us and made everyone way too grumpy. Having a bigger apartment has given us more space to grow and be happier.

But going back to our old stomping ground really brought back memories, most of Arren’s life was playing in the park, but as we arrived at the playground we were all sad to see that Arren’s favourite slide was gone. Making for a little grumpy Arren trying to figure out why they would move it.

We decided to walk around the other playground’s in the park, only to be disappointed some more, a lot of the fun things have been removed, but we still made the best of our trip and enjoyed being outside in the open air.

We all left knowing that now the best playgrounds are in our new area, which made us feel a little better about the move.