Our little dope

He’s the definition of spirited child, stubborn where he refuses to budge on things he wants or believes in, wild and not scared of anything (except plastic insects).

He sure showed us his little personality when we asked him to smile.

A little Arren fashion show, that just captures his personality .

He’s always ready to explore, loves looking at how to make things on pinterest, makes a mean pretend jack o lantern pie, that he found the tutorial on pinterest, insists that we bake everyday, and little spunk monster that can be so frustrating that you feel like pulling your hair out, but boy, would life be boring without him. I constantly tell Carl that the reason Arren is my first born, was to repair the relationship I have with my parents. Having a child that’s the spitting image of you as a child is scary, but realizing how hard it is to raise such a high energy, spirited child was just what I needed to understand my parents frustrations. Arren is really lucky to have such a wonderfully kind and patient father like Carl, he surprises me everyday with how he never loses his crap with Arren, even when he gets bitten. Everyday I pray for patience and to be the best mother I can be to meet all of his needs, sometimes I fail, but every time I pray I know I will be a better mother to Arren. He deserves so much happiness, because he just is pure happiness.

I love you little Arren.