An Oreo Cookie Smash

I might have said during the fries smash that Arren is a regal eater, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t cause chaos.

The cookies smash was our first smash of the day, and let me tell you guys something, he was so into it.  He loved his special everything free cookies



what he loved more than his cookies, was breaking down the place.  He knocked over the cake stand multiple times, he pulled down the drop sheet, he fought with balloons and did not appreciate wearing a waistcoat without a shirt.

He still loved his cookies and rewarded us with a little happy dance.  This boy loves to eat.

even though he’s become unreasonably picky.


One day he will love his blueberries the next day he looks at me like I’m trying to poison him. ┬áI get it, variety is the spice of life and I should get more interesting with his food, since he went into anaphalactic shock I’ve been scared to try new things and have been keeping things really simple, until we go for our follow up appointment with our allergist, but it’s not just me. ┬áWhen your toddler doesn’t like cotton candy grapes you know he just doesn’t enjoy the good things in life and should just stick to his trusty foods he will enjoy.