Online vegetable deliver in Gdansk, Poland

We’ve tried our fair share of grocery deliver since coming here, but a lot of the grocery stores don’t stock everything you need on their online shops, we prefer to go to the bigger shops during pay day and stock up on everything we will need we get a traficar, so we don’t have to rely on everything we can carry by hand and get a lot of things, being far away from the bigger shops has been a blessing in disguise we no don’t go buy things we don’t really need and waste money. But for our fruit and vegetables we prefer getting it from either lilufruits or owocedodomu. I prefer owocedodomu because they have promotions, but if you need other grocery items lilufruits wins.

We end up saving money getting all the vegetables we need from them, and the quality is just way better I don’t know why no matter how much inspecting I do at the grocery shops on a bag of apples, I always end up getting bruised, rotten apples.

Sometimes we do end up getting surprises, like when I get 1 kg of onions and they bring me one 1kg onion. still worth it.

but the best thing about owocedodomu and lilufruit is that they sell fruit and vegetables the shops don’t really stock, like lotus root. The one thing everyone in the apartment will eat is lotus root, its the best thing ever and filled with so many nutrients, we can’t get enough, it’s Arren’s favorite food and it just look so pretty.

for quality fruit and vegetables I highly recommend these two online places, not an ad, just someone trying to make someone else’s life a little bit easier.