One Year with Arren Yuki

Arren Yuki is a year old and I’m still reeling from that fact, but what I’m really reeling from is the fact that I haven’t had uninterrupted sleep in a year! ┬áOh, sleep how I miss you!

But even with so little sleep I would do it all over again.

Arren has been the best first baby, our little guinea pig into parenting, Mr number one, and even though I really wanted a girl, I am really happy with the gross boy I got.

Carl and I were both scared of babies, we were constantly worried that we would break them, so having a first baby be sturdy boy was a life saver and having such a big mamas boy is just pure gold.  Being so intensely loved is amazing and being so aggressively loved is adorable.

Highlights of year one

  • Not sleeping the first two days, because we couldn’t stop staring at Arren.
  • Regretting not sleeping on day 3.
  • Escaping a wild fire with our week old baby.
  • Gas smiles during the first month,knowing they aren’t real smiles but not caring.
  • Gas smiles that turn into real smiles
  • Singing Arren 90’s songs as lullabies (this is Carl’s thing) and eventually settling on the Beatles.
  • Singing Yesterday(The Beatles) literally more than a 1000 times.
  • Rubbing Carl in my breast milk in hopes that Arren would like him. ┬áIt didn’t work.
  • Arren’s cute little gums.
  • Having the cute gummies disappear thanks to teeth.
  • Seeing Arren learn new things.
  • His persistence
  • Poopslosion in Kirstenbosch.
  • Making him giggle
  • Arren finally liking his father
  • Giving his papa kisses.
  • His insane tantrums when you just say the word no.
  • Seeing his personality grow by the day.
  • How he finds the words izzy, pezazz and shimmy funny.
  • Walking all over the show.
  • Holding his little hand while he walks
  • How much he loves water.
  • How picky he is, but at the same time isn’t.