One Month with Arren Yuki

I can’t believe little Arren is one month old.  Oh, how  time sure does fly!  Motherhood has definitely been the hardest job I’ve ever had.  I don’t know how people can look down at stay at home mothers like they do! Being needed constantly, never being able to take a break, having to be the nurturer, the cook, the maid and teacher without expecting anything in return is amazing!  and incredibly draining.  Giving yourself completely to your children so you can be there for them the whole time is a selfless act, that people have forgotten about.  A couple times during this month I’ve just wanted someone else to tap in for a bit, while I go and have a nice little break! Don’t get me wrong all mothers are amazing! It doesn’t matter if you’re a working mother or a stay at home mom, we’re all doing our best ! However we can!

The first month has just felt like Carl and I have been in survival mode, while we try and figure out this whole parenting thing and learn how to function without sleep!

It doesn’t help that baby Arren seems to just like being in my arms, when Carl tries to hold him he just screams away a storm, its actually really fun.  I’ll take this moment where I’m definitely the favourite! It feels good to win the favourite game right now, I know soon it will be all about Carl and I will be a distant memory, but that’s why cookies were created!

This month has been hard, but so amazing.  The last week or so I’ve finally felt like I’ve gotten the hang of this motherhood thing,  feel like I’m doing a pretty good job ( sometimes you have to pat yourself on the back).Bring on baby number 2!Just kidding.  The memory of his  giant baby head is still too clear in my mind! Give me 1 more month and I’ll be ready to go!  haha

Its been amazing seeing our beautiful son developing and growing everyday.  He is such a blessing to us and I can’t imagine life without him.  He’s the perfect third amigo to our little trinity.  He’s so strange and wonderful and my heart just burst with love every time I see him.  I’m so grateful to be his mother, he’s taught me so much already.  He’s shown me my strength and what I’m capable of.  Spending all my time with him is just the best thing ever.  There  really is never  a perfect time for a baby.  Yes, he was planned, but things just completely went crazy when we found out I was pregnant, things are still uncertain, but by having him everything has just become clear to us.  Being led by God and trusting his guidance has really made us stronger as a family, and gave us the biggest blessing of all.  I cant imagine our life without this guy!


  • This little guy is such a grabber.  He grabs my hair, Carl’s chest hair and he’s even pinched the crap out of me.
  • He’s got all the expressions!  He just pulls the funniest faces all the time, since day one he’s been really observant.
  • He like going on tours of the house and have everything explained to him while he rubbernecks and looks at everything!
  • Bounces are his jam!  He loves all kinds of bounces and hates it when you start slowing down.
  • When he senses the attention is not on him for a second, he starts crying.  Don’t talk about politics and not pay attention to this guy.
  • He’s all smiles and makes the cutest coos.   You can see the difference between a gas smile and a real smile! Its insane!
  • He’s got such a strong little neck, and loves being in the over the shoulder burbing angle.  Sometimes he just whines, until he’s over the shoulder.
  • He’s a really vocal baby, he seems to want to talk sooo badly.
  • He’s trying to potty train himself.  He hates peeing inside his diaper and will scream until we open the diaper up and he can go outside his diaper.  Burb cloths? Should be called pee and poop cloths.
  • He likes all the snuggles and cuddles, he can get.
  • He hates the heat.  Hes so happy on colder days, I cant blame him…he signed up for Ireland.

I just cant wait for more developments and watching this sweet little angel grow.