Oliwa Park

Oliwa Park is that perfect park to take someone to on a first date, it’s that perfect park to take that special someone when you’re trying to impress them into believing you do more than watch netflix every night.but with a toddler that just wants to dive into all those beautiful water streams, run down all those cycles, grab canes from the elderly and just go be that horrible third wheel at everyone’s date, makes you wish you chose a more kid friendly park.

Don’t get me wrong it’s completely big kid friendly, but as you walk by all the parents with tantrumming toddlers you realise that maybe this park wasn’t a good idea.┬á I’m still glad we went to this beautiful park, and got to explore this area so close to Carl’s work, but it really made me grateful that we chose our apartment based on location.┬á A park with a swing and playground is definitely a must for a one and a half year old that’ basically been free ranged since birth.

Next time I think we should get a babysitter and actually go on a date at this beautiful park, until then I will leave you with a whole lot of photos that don’t include a screaming Arren.┬á FYI he was actually really good at the park, we just didn’t take him out the entire visit there.