Old Town Gdansk Poland

Old town in Gdansk is a European dream boat.  Colorful old school houses, cobbled stones that make you wonder if you need a new stroller asap, beautiful amber wares that will make any yellow lovers eyes pop right out of their sockets.  

Old town with a toddler, well let’s just say we got tested to the limits.  Don’t get me wrong, everything went beautifully in the beginning Arren was the perfect little tourist, sitting in his stroller eating snacks and just staring at everything big eyed and amazed, we even commented about how content and happy Arren was being in the stroller, but in true toddler form, Arren grew weary of the said stroller, and soon began to stir.

We decided to take him out  and let him play on some steps, only to notice that he was starting to get red and blotchy really fast, a quick look around, and we noticed a whole bunch of sunflower seeds strewn across the floor, I grabbed Arren in a panic and tried to steer him clear, and that is when all hell broke lose.  Arren didn’t see it as his mama really trying to protect him, he saw it as Mama no fun stepped in between him and what he wanted to do.

Nothing and I mean NOTHING wanted to console him, the more we tried the angrier he got, I tried giving him milkies in an alleyway, only for him to find a whole bunch of cars and immediately took a liking to them.  Long story short, cobbled stones and toddlers can be fun! but next time we will rather start of by visiting the playground right at the beginning of old town and let Arren get some “him” time out.

I wish we got to experience old town more, but man, Europe has been hot, surprisingly hot, so hot that Arren has gotten his first heat rash in his life in EUROPE, not in Africa, but here by the Baltic ocean.  Walking around in that heat is unpleasant!  Here is some more photos of beautiful old town Gdansk.