Nothing better than a baby in sink bath

Is there anything cuter than a baby in bath? Yes! A baby in a sink bath of course.  

Arren is such a little water baby, he loves anything water related.  Oh, mama’s drinking a glass of water, let me put my hand in it to check it is in fact water.  Okay, no I want a sip, back to having my hand in the water.  Yes, I can see you are in fact drinking water.

He loves splashing in the bath, and just being one with water, but he was a bit sceptical of his sink bath.  He looked at us like we were crazy for giving him a bath in the kitchen, I mean his food comes from this room! The horror.

He eventually warmed up to it, but was soon distracted by all the things on the counter and tried to get out for some  menacing time.  Now, I have an obscene amount of not so tastefully nude photos of Arren on my camera, that I don’t know if I should get rid of or if I’m definitely going to keep it as blackmail scratch that gentle persuasion when Arren reaches his teenage years.  I think the later wins!