My Birthday

On Thursday I got  another year older and Cape Town celebrated by giving me the most insane heatwave ever.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like getting stuck in an oven, well I will never need to find out, because I got to experience it first hand and boy, was it unpleasant.  Arren cried most of the heatwave, while we desperately tried to cool him down.  We finally managed to find a place with the aircon cool enough to get our happy little baby back.  Arren was one unhappy little boy and no one wants Arren to be upset.  Your ears will never be the same.

back to my birthday.

Carl is a lovely husband, and person, but man, does this guy suck at birthdays and this year was something truly special in the bad front!   I got a present thrown at me in the morning, got told he didn’t have time to write anything and gave me a gift that was just not me.  I then had to go make everyone else breakfast, wash dishes, wash laundry at the end of it I decided to just get myself a cupcake and put a candle in it.

Arren was blown away by the candle and wanted in on the action almost immediately, surprisingly he wasn’t into the cupcake at all, he just wanted that candle.  It’s made me rethink his birthday, maybe he just isn’t a smash cake kind of guy?  He seems more of a french fry smash guy, or a burrito smash or maybe even a pancake smash? what about a watermelon smash? What do you guys think? What’s a good alternative smash cake idea?

PS  I told Carl that next year I will book myself into a hotel and get a day of pampering, he said next year he will whisk me away to a cafe in Paris.  I still prefer the hotel idea.