Musings Of New Parents : 4 months

it feels like Arren grew an exponential amount this month.  

How does it even happen? One day you just look a t your baby and you realise they’re not that newborn you had just a blink of the eye ago? Time is a sneaky minx!  Lately when I look at Arren being rocked to sleep by his papa he looks toddler sized to me.  Maybe it’s because he was never the smallest baby or that he’s a really tall guy, but man! It’s like my little baby is gone!

It doesn’t help that he’s being throwing toddler sized tantrums lately.  This guy hates bedtime during the week! Carl gets home late from work, Arren seems to sense his arrival and wakes up like clockwork when papa is around and refuses to go back to sleep until midnight.  He just seems to really want to spend time with his dad, but when you’re tired and your baby seems to be so upset with you because you dare try and make him sleep, those screams can pierce you to the core of your soul. We are slowly making progress and every night he goes to sleep a little earlier and the weekend hes a little dreamboat sleeper!  He just misses Carl, I get where he’s coming from.  Car’s a great man and we all want to spend time with him!

I think the keyword for this month should be EXHAUSTED.  With lack of sleep reaching all time highs, I’ve started feeling more and more in a slump, but trying 10 home remedies for a energy boost really helped me out! I didn’t try all of them, because I don’t drink green tea, but meditation and yoga is my number one thing to get my tired spell away!  Just something about stretching those limbs that gives me the little pick me up I need.  I actually really love the website they even have some quick recipes for us busy moms that make things so much easier! Check out the website HERE.


  • Overstimulating is so real and so crazy.  It’s the most intricate puzzle to figure out!
  • Watching your baby roll around while holding his feet can keep you entertained for hours.  Watch out for overestimation!
  • Babies squeal really loud like piggies.
  • People will ask you if your baby is a boy or girl even if you can clearly just see boy in your baby, but maybe it reflects that society is growing and no longer jumps to conclusions.
  • Seeing a baby roll over is riveting stuff. The build up, the push, the will he wont he, the slow flip and the applause!
  • Congratulating your baby  for passing gas will happen, because one word…Colic.  No one wants that.
  • Becoming immune to pain is a must this month.  All the pinching, scratching and punching will make you a warrior.
  • Having a 4 month old that is teething, means everything is his chew toy.  Watch out for your nose, ears and chin!  It feels like living with a zombie baby.
  • Those little fat folds are just getting more delicious!  Nothing beats all those baby rolls