Musings of New Parents : 3 months

It feels like time has started slowing down a bit.  Sometimes when I look at Arren  he feels way older than 3 months?! He’s such a tall little guy that he seems about toddler age most of the time.  He’s almost out grown his changing table and he seems to want to throw himself off of it daily.  Maybe he’s looking for his next thrill? Or maybe he’s just trying to see if he’s got my full attention.

When I think about it 3 months is still so little.  He’s only been earth side for 3 months! It feels like I’ve known him forever and that there was never a time without him!

This month Arren has been all over the show with his emotions.  One second he’s smiling and laughing , the next second he hates you for overstimulating him.  I just hate seeing him go from so happy to having a sad quivering lip that would break the most heartless persons heart.

Musings of new parents 3 Months

  • Going out has now become a normal task and bouncing and singing a crying baby in an empty isle in a grocery store has become nothing, but a thang.
  • 20 something guys will look at your baby strapped on your husband do a grossed out wiggle, with a face that says “oh no! death of another bachelor!”
  • Strangers will ask to hold your baby…..and sometimes your baby will look happier in the arms of a cashier than in your arms.  SIGH!
  • Trying to figure out your baby’s body temperature is a skill that’s hard to learn.  Good luck figuring that one out.
  • Poopmageddon is a thing and most of the time its perfectly timed for when you forgot to pack an extra outfit.  Hey naked baby.
  • Baby giggles make your head explode with cuteness
  • You will become extremely vain thinking that your baby is the smartest thing to ever happen.  I mean, he giggles when we put his toes in his mouth.  He knows toes are not meant for his mouth!
  • Your baby will get into a sleep routine….It might not be the best routine, but its a routine.  Hello 5 am!
  • The deafening high pitched screaming…..that’s all….just prepare your ears.