Musings of New Parents : 9 Months

Every month I think these musings will have  new theme, but every month we seem to be back in the teething game.  It seems that Arren wants to have all his teeth by his first birthday and I’m okay with that.

Last night it felt like I got some actual rest.  Most nights I toss and turn and just can’t fall asleep, who can blame me with Arren teething so consistently I feel like I’m constantly waiting for him to wake up.  I finally realized that if I don’t get rest than taking care of Arren during the day gets a bit much.

Sleep deprivation can really get you down, I’ve been suffering from a bit of postpartum blues since Arren was born it comes and goes, but when I don’t get sleep everything is just terrible.  I start criticising the way I look, a little thought in my mind becomes a big thing that just eats away at me and even the way my husband makes the bed makes me sick to my stomach.  Just kidding the way he makes the bed makes me sick most of the time. OCD much?

Arren has become a boy of adventure.  He’s always on a new adventure and refuses to sit down.  He pulls himself up on anything and everything he can, it drives me insane! He’s constantly trying to pull himself up on our exercise ball and even though he looks like he should be a part of the circus, it drives me crazy with anxiety.

I try and let Arren explore everything he wants, if it’s safe of course, but with this comes a lot of time watching him like a hawk and really thinking about what could go wrong.  Everything is dangerous when you have a baby, even crawling looks dangerous.

Musings of New Parents: 9 Months

  • Diaper changes have become ridiculous,  trying to get a diaper on your baby becomes an act of wills.
  • Sometimes you will just give up and let them be diaper free, only to regret your decision when your baby pees on the carpet like a dog.
  • Arren wakes up in stealth mode these days, we often find him in peculiar positions getting up to no good.
  • Being the cool mom can get hard when you see the mess 5 seconds later.
  • Being a mom is just you cleaning up the whole time.
  • The older they get the more cleaning you have to do.
  • Babies pulling themselves up is just scary, you know they are a fall risk.
  • Having stuff delivered to your house? Be prepared for you little puppy to crawl to the door to see who the heck is this person.
  • Sometimes your feet will get bitten.  Wear shoes.
  • Seeing your baby start to look more like a little boy and less like a baby breaks your heart, but fills it with so much joy.  Watching your children grow up is such an amazing gift that I wouldn’t trade for even the best night sleep.