Musings of New Parents: 8 Months

A whole 8 months with Arren.  I can’t believe this spunky little boy is getting older by the day, and getting more and more personality by the second.

We’ve come to the conclusion that Arren wants to have all his teeth before he is a year old and we just have to deal with it.   I was talking to my sister the other day about Arren being such a dramatic teether and wanting to inflict pain on everyone and anything he can during teething, she told me to give him a break, because he’s just been in this infinite teething loop that just doesn’t want to stop.  During all the lack of sleep, abuse and face suckling you forget that your poor baby is in a lot of pain and just not feeling their best.  When I get irritable because there never seems to be a break in between teething, I want to remember to take a moment and think about how Arren must be feeling.

Arren had his first plane trip and absolutely loved it.  He was so happy the entire time and fell asleep without a fuss, people were mesmerised by how amazing he was and his sweet smiles during the flight, I came with a bag of tricks and it all worked like a charm! The bag was a bit more disorganised than I would have liked and caused us a whole lot of confusion and frantic searching for teething cookies, but we did it!

We even figured out how to get Arren to church really early in the morning.  How you might ask…well, by getting him dressed in his outfit the night before and hoping that he doesn’t get it dirty in between.  It’s surprising how much time a little human needs to get ready.  You have to consider everything. Oh, he peed right on his face.  a wet wipe bath it is.  Poopslosion? I don’t think a wet wipe bath will cut it this time.  Baby is crawling away from you while you try to clean said diaper….Yeah, these are all things that have happened! 9 am church is brutal!


  • When you’re baby becomes mobile nothing will be safe anymore.  They are surprisingly fast.
  • Baby tantrums are the worst! You will feel like a monster.
  • You will vaguely remember this thing called sleep.  You used to be well rested right?
  • Watching your baby warrior scream while crawling to something he wants will fill your heart with such pride, until you realise you have to get that out of his grasp.
  • Babies are really cool little guys, but just like the cool kids at school they are really mean.  Really mean.  Pulling your hair, and being a horrible bully kind of mean, but you will forgive them because they are super cute.
  • People will freak out about the cuteness of your baby in shops.  It’s amazing! We’ve had some outrageous responses when people have seen Arren.
  • Parenthood is a universal language.  You will have bonding experiences when going to a Dr, talking about your babies, and how no one tells you it will be like living with your  bully from high school.
  • No one can believe he is only 8 months old.  Baby boy is tall!