Musings of New Parents : 7 Months

7 months! My baby is closer to a toddler than a baby! Somebody better call a whambulance, because I’m about to cry!

My little big boy, is such a blessing.  Everyday with him just keeps getting better.  We have now completely admitted that we are petrified of our baby, and will do anything to please his every need.  When he starts wailing we topple over like dominoes.  Obviously, sleep training has not gone well for us.  The whole crying it out method is just crazy! Seeing your baby so unbelievably sad should just be a crime, to all those brave souls that have overcome the crying out method….Did it work? How did you survive? is there another way?  Can we just hire someone to sleep train him?  All jokes aside, Arren wakes quite frequently at night for a little milk top up or to get bounced back to sleep, it’s getting a whole lot of tiring! When your legs feel like jelly and you can’t even pick your baby up from lack of sleep you start reconsidering the whole crying out thing.

We tried using white noise, which  worked like a charm for 4 days…by day 5, he was having non of it.  It was like the spell of sleepiness got lifted and he somehow got more awake with the white noise on.  We’ve managed to get him into a bedtime routine, it’s not the best routine, but its a routine, alright!  His bedtime is usually at 10.  Yes, your read that right 10 pm.  I’ve tried everything to get him to go to sleep earlier, but Carl gets home late and when his papa arrives he instantly wakes up, we have a very small place so he hears everything!  The severe baby fomo (fear of missing out) sets in and he just refuses to go to sleep for hours!  Lately, he’s been fighting his ten o clock bedtime and now pushes it to 11 pm, that’s when we finally get him down.  He wakes a couple of times at night and now seems to want to party at 3:30 am, making his parents very grumpy indeed.  We’re fighting a battle of wits with a 7 month old and we are losing really hard.

Hopefully we will be able to crack this sleeping things soon, in the meantime any tips and tricks will be appreciated!


  • Seeing your baby just love bath time is the best.  The splashing, the coos it’s all just so amazing.
  • Solids are messy, regardless the approach you choose.  We’ve been doing a combination of baby led weaning and purees, they are equally as messy.  Feeding your baby purees with two spoons is the only way to get things done! He get’s to play with one spoon while you feed him with the other one.  I decided to give baby led weaning a try after I felt like Arren’s slave.  He demanded that I put peas in his mouth.  When he saw a pea he would lean a bit forward with his mouth open ready for me to serve him, so instead I put them on his tray and let him have at it.  After he realized I wasn’t going to put it in his mouth for him he went for it.
  • Taking your baby to the beach is hilarious.  Especially, if he’s Arren.  This guy just hates the sun, the wind and the general brightness.  He seemed extremely angry at us for taking him to the beach and took his frustration out on the sand.  He wanted to dig his way out of this place.
  • Spit bubbles….They’re super gross and super cute at the same time.
  • Taking your baby to swing is really exciting, you will realize you are way more excited than your baby, but who cares! This is your time!
  • Learning to use the sippy cup is a messy ordeal.  Water goes flying, and you will start feeling like you’re in a rain cloud that’s just following you around, and when you try to help them, the crying starts.
  • When babies get mobile, they get really mobile.  Arren rolls really fast, like really, really fast.  So fast that we have to stop of him from hitting walls and things.