Musings of New Parents : 6 Months

It’s been 6 Months with little Arren!

We’ve made it 6 months, a half a year. a 182 days! We did it! As first time parents it feels like such an incredible thing, we’ve kept a baby alive and thriving for 6 whole months.  What makes it even more amazing is that we somehow did it on so little sleep that it should be a crime to be able to function most days, its been 6 of the most amazingly wonderful months, because even with so little sleep I have the most wonderful baby in my arms.  Its amazing how much joy such a little human can bring into your heart, even if they hit you so hard with a maraka your eyes start tearing a little bit, at least they are having fun.

This month has been fun! I started a youtube channel to capture all Arren’s weirdness and it’s been so much fun!  He’s such a little funny baby and it should just be shown to the whole world!

We’ve had a lot of tough times this month thanks to Arren’s teeth, so little sleep and just being bored with life here, but we’ve had amazing times, Arren is sitting up, he’s trying so hard to figure out this crawling thing and he just brings so many smiles into my life.


  • The baby crying domino effect….It’s real and it’s the funniest thing ever.  We were in an H&M elevator with another family, when this other baby dare grab Arren’s broccoli, when her parents gave it back this little girl started wailing like crazy, causing Arren to start crying like I’ve never seen him cry before.  When the doors opened we all made a run for it, resulting in happy babies.
  • Teething: You will never sleep again!
  • Starting to give your baby food is so much fun and so incredibly messy, especially when you try to take a photo.  Squash everywhere.  His favorite so far is homemade apple sauce.
  • Baby tantrums….Wow, Arren grabbed a little sachet of cocoa from a grocery store, when I took it away he started screaming and crying like crazy! This is the reason he’s got some marakas now.
  • I’ve lost all shame and I full on play with Arren everywhere we go.  His new favorite thing is to hold the stroller handles, while I run and go whooooosh!  This has resulted in a lot of stink eyes from people, especially with older folks, they seem to have a look in their eye that says “well back in my daaaaay”.
  • He runs this house, the other day he was being held by his papa, while holding his shoe, he gave me a look and dropped his shoe and just kept looking at me till I picked up his shoe for him.
  • I make him open all the doors for me, it brings him so much joy even if it takes longer to get anywhere these days.
  • Watching your baby be more aware of their surroundings is wonderful.  Keys have never been this interesting.
  • Once you introduce solids, baby toots become a whole new level of stinky.
  • Once your baby has a tooth, biting no longer becomes funny.
  • Watching your baby figure out how to sit by themselves is amazing, realizing that they don’t realize when they are toppling over is scary.