Musings of New Parents : 5 Months

Can you believe that little Arren is almost half a year old? I sure can’t?!  

This month was a big one in milestones.  He’s officially rolling all over the show, back to front and front to back, he’s sitting up like a little champ and he got his first tooth.

I was really sad to see his perfectly cute gummies ruined by this little tooth popping up, I went through all your standard emotions, like ” he’s not even eating solids yet?! Why does he even need this tooth?!” to telling Carl it’s time to have another baby, because I need cute little gummies again!  Finally, I’ve calmed down and realized his little tooth is super cute.

It seems like Arren has been teething since he was born, as soon as that little tooth popped out, he started sleeping better and not trying to constantly attack my face or zombie air bite when out in public.

Everyone loves being around this little guy, he smiles at everyone he meets and looks way happier in other peoples arms.  Sometimes he gives me a look that I’m sure says ” they wouldn’t take me for walks in the sun like you do, this person is my new mommy”.


  • It’s perfectly normal for people to talk to your baby and completely ignore you.
  • Becoming a ninja is vital to escape the death grip from a sleeping, nursing baby.  You will feel like a stealthy assassin once you’ve made it to the door without waking your baby.
  • Babies are kleptomaniacs and wont give your things back, until they’ve marked it with their super drooly mouths.
  • We’re still trying to figure out what eye color Arren will get.  Sometimes it looks lighter and other times it looks darker.
  • All babies should be dressed up as cute animals.
  • Going to church frazzled to get there before 9 results in your keys being locked in the car, the diaper bag still in the car, a baby that’s in his vomited pyjamas and a mama that’s ravenous because of no breakfast!  Not a good combo!
  • Babies will behave like little angels, and pretend like they slept the whole night in front of strangers, but turn on you in an instant when you’re alone and vulnerable from lack of sleep.  Hello over-stimulation my dear friend.
  • Little fat rolls everywhere!