Musings of New Parents : 11 Month old baby

What can I say about Arren at 11 months? Well, he is NAUGHTY, and he knows it. ┬áIf we were playing poker Arren would lose horribly, because he’s got one big tick.

He squeals…

Yes, you read that right, he squeals with delight when he is about to do something naughty or something he is not suppose to do.  He squeals, looks back at me and starts crawling so fast you could mistake him for a cheetah.

I’ve mastered the art of getting in between him and his end goal with little to no tantrum. ┬áI start crawling after him, while screaming I’m going to get him, catch him and tickle him until he forgot what he was doing.

^^ Arren dancing

He’s becoming such a little character, little nuggets of his personality keeps blossoming everyday, it blows my mind how he is his own little spunky person. ┬áRight now he loves to dance, you can often find Arren shaking his butt to all his favourite songs. ┬áOur family dance parties has made a great little dancer.


  • Arren likes his Papa now, maybe it’s the fact that Carl really pulls out all the stops these days and really gets his clown on.
  • Sometimes you think your baby wants to give you kisses only to have your chin bitten other times be prepared for the drooliest kiss of your life.
  • Our baby boy is drawn to menacing like a moth to a flame.
  • Arren is ridiculously strong for a baby. ┬áI often find myself in a tug of war with him, which he almost always wins.
  • Stroller naps finally happened. ┬áIt’s the best
  • Babies can crawl really fast.
  • I’ve learned how to do everything fast. ┬áRunning to the shop, storming through, throwing money at the cashier, getting the hell out. ┬áThat’s the name of the game.