Musings of New Parents : 10 Months

Yes, I know what a delay! Arren’s almost 11 months and I’m only getting to our musings now, but I have a really good excuse….

Arren is near impossible to take photos of these days.

Example A

Example B

I could go on forever, but I will save you guys and myself that embarrassment. ┬áSomething happens to Arren as soon as he sees the camera….It’s like his mind explodes with questions. ┬áWhy can’t I touch it? Why do you keep shoving that thing in my face? Is any of it edible? Oh, please tell me it’s edible? ┬á Having to physically fight of a very strong ten month old always ends in tantrums.

I’m talking about insane body flinging tantrums that stops when I calmly talk to him, hopefully that works for a couple more months.

doubt it.

These last ten months with Arren has been amazing, he’s such a little character and he’s just getting spunkier by the day.


  • Arren had a rough start to ten months, he found out everything is in fact not his? We were at church and he tried to get a toy from another baby, the baby saw him coming, grabbed his toy and started crawling off really fast. ┬áLeaving Arren? really confused, with a little lip quiver and some silent sobbing.
  • Finding out your baby is the baby that wants to climb up on all the walls, while the other babies are just super casual.
  • When your baby drops a nap, and you’re just like “someone save me! “
  • When your baby’s first word is no, you know you have one naughty baby.
  • Seeing your baby trying to walk is wonderful, realizing your baby is about to topple over and face plant is terrifying.
  • You might always have thought you were a good cook, seeing your baby dry heave at your food will make you think otherwise.
  • It’s beautiful seeing your baby trying to to be more independent, but the realisation that you will never have privacy again, will soon set it.