Motherhood right now

Motherhood right now is occasionally losing in a battle of wits with a 9 month old baby.

Motherhood right now is never having a decent meal and wondering how many calories there can possibly be in eating your baby’s leftovers. ┬áMotherhood right now, is being a human compost bin, but that’s okay.

Motherhood right now is wondering how is it possible that the human race has survived this long when babies just can’t seem to hold it together. ┬á All the falling and tomfoolery is just ridiculous. ┬áDownward facing dog with one leg in the air while eating something, yeah that sound like a really good idea Arren.

Motherhood right now, is cleaning all the time.  How can such a little person make such a mess, and finding the time to clean up with all the chaperoning and diving to save your baby from said one legged downward facing dog can get much.

Motherhood right now, is being followed by a crawling baby that always wants to know what you’re up to and never getting any form of privacy.

Motherhood right now is laughing because you’re baby is just super cute when he throws a tantrum.

Motherhood right now, is a baby that doesn’t want to be with anyone else.

Not even his Papa.

especially not his Papa.

Motherhood right now, is having a naked baby on the loose for way longer than you would like to admit, while you fight to get a diaper on.

Motherhood right now , is not getting a nice photo with you and your baby because, hello, milkies that close means you have to be frisked.

Motherhood right now is exhausting, but so extremely beautiful!