Why motherhood has made me beautiful

Becoming a mother is a life changing experience that changes us physically, but also emotionally.  It makes you love more, see things more clearly and makes you wonder how little sleep can you have before you die of exhaustion?

Motherhood has made me laugh easier, cry easily and have complete meltdowns way easier than I would like to admit, it’s made me feel things more intensely, make me love deeper and made me grow into the woman I always wanted to be.

When people think about motherhood the last thing they think about is that it made them more beautiful, but for me it’s true.

I’ve always been hard on myself about the way I look, I never used to smile a lot, because I never liked the way I looked when I smiled, I hated my chubby cheeks and I never put an effort into the way I look, since becoming a mother I’ve started appreciating “me” time and the importance of hair care and skincare. ┬áIf you’ve lost as much hair as I have postpartum you would know what I’m talking about! ┬áSince giving birth it’s felt like I’m slowly going bald, I’ve been pulling out clumps of hair that’s made me wonder if all Arren’s zombie biting, turned me into a zombie, but it’s just all those wonderful pregnancy hormones saying adios and leaving you with almost nothing to work with.


even with so little hair, smile wrinkles forming, baby vomit on everything I own and sometimes scratch marks all over my face, I feel more beautiful than ever. ┬áI smile with my whole heart, because I have my beautiful baby boy and an amazing husband, and I want to be in all the photos I can possibly be in with Arren, before he becomes all angsty and refuses to be in any photos with his lame mama, I’ve put more of an effort into caring for my hair and face and I’m finally reaping the rewards! Hello hair growth! ┬áI don’t feel insecure about my looks anymore, because I’m me and I’m happy with who I am! I never want my children to feel insecure about the way they look and the people they will become, I want them to see me being secure and feeling beautiful so they never have to think they are anything less. ┬áI’ve focused more on healthier choices and exercising, because I want my son to be able to make healthy choices, but also realise that food is precious and can fuel our bodies, but having candy every now and again isn’t something to feel ashamed about.

Motherhood has given me greater appreciation for the body I do have, ┬áI was able to grow a baby, give birth to a healthy, happy baby without any interventions or painkillers. When I think back at Arren’s birth I feel like a beautiful warrior! I feel empowered by my own strength and determination, motherhood has given me the confidence I never knew I had. ┬áBecoming a mother has made me work a little harder on myself, and made me want to be the best person I could possibly be. ┬áMotherhood is the glow and the spring in my step that’s made me go from average to a more beautiful version of myself.

That’s why Arren is my little miracle, he’s helped me grow and become more of who I want to be and for that I’m eternally ┬ágrateful .