Motherhood is hard

Motherhood is the hardest job in the world and you don’t know how hard, until you’re a mother.

It’s hard when you wake up to clean the house, and within a second you’re toddler and husband has zoomed through destroying all your hard work, while you wonder where all these crumbs came from.┬á It’s hard having all your buttons pushed by a rambunctious one year old that just really wants to find out if he can fly.┬á It’s hard having to clean food off the walls because said one year old has gotten good at flinging his food from his spoon.

I never thought I would be the mother that was reduced to bribery, but here I am with a bunch of pretzels at the back of the stroller ready to bribe Arren to sit happily in that stroller.

Being a mother means you wear a lot of hats or you hold a lot of jobs that you’re really not qualified for.

  1. Nurse;  You are always there to soothe and take care of a sick, grumpy child, always there to kiss booboos and make the medicine go down a little sweeter.
  2. Teacher;┬á You are teaching your child every day, by the things you read to them, the little things you do and all those hard work you put in teaching them how to say mine mine mine (I don’t know where he learned that from)┬á I realised the other day that Arren is starting to pick up some of my bad behaviour;┬á we were in the grocery store the other day and this little girl had a terrible fall, and there was Arren belly laughing uncontrollably at her, I was so shocked wondering where he could have learned that from, a day later Arren had a dramatic fall where he obviously didn’t get hurt, but I couldn’t stop laughing….
  3. Chef; Constantly coming up with new recipes, new ideas and new meals to please the biggest critic in your life.
  4. Stylist.  Getting to dress the cutest little model around.
  5. Actress.┬á Putting on a happy face even when you’re having a bad day or not feeling well.
  6. Athlete; running after a one year old can be tiring, throwing them in the air for a million times a day just because it makes them happy.

I am a mom, but I am more than a mom.┬á Even when we don’t feel like we are doing a good job, just realise our boss is one demanding, perfectionist that refuses break times, but they make up for it with kisses, cuddles and just being their wonderful demanding selves.┬á Happy Mother’s day!