Motherhood is a lie

Motherhood is the biggest lie around.   It starts as soon as you get pregnant.

No, one can possibly prepare you for the nausea you will face when finding out you’re pregnant, but what people don’t tell you is how bad people will make you feel.  They say there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman, but it sure doesn’t feel that way.  As soon as you find out your pregnant, the comments of “oh, look you’re already showing” will start springing out of the headboards like you’re 8 months pregnant already.  There is no winning when you’re pregnant either, if you eat a donut, people will ask you if that’s good for you’re baby if you completely cut out sugar, gluten and eat completely clean, people will think you’re harming your baby somehow.

One of the strangest things for me was how many people treated me like I had a medical condition, people would stare at me like I had a tumour, jumps out of my way like somehow walking too close to me might harm the baby, or looked at me like I should be lying at home with my feet up, until it was time to give birth.  When people found out I was exercising during pregnancy, a lot of people didn’t think it was good for the baby.  Exercising during pregnancy kept my mind focused and helped me prepare for birth.  I felt strong and healthy throughout my pregnancy.

Fast track to actually having a baby.  Motherhood continues to be a lie, during birth.  I don’t think there is enough talk about just how painful giving birth is…..everyone says it’s painful, but no one talks about HOW painful.  It’s also a new kind of pain, but just when you think you can’t take anymore it’s time to push! and that’s a whole different level of pain.  Motherhood is lie, yet again, because no one tells you how such a bloody, gross blob can bring you so much love instantly.  You think you love you’re little sea monkey growing in your belly, but the overwhelming love that floods out of you when you see your baby for the first time is amazing.

Motherhood is a lie, because they say a moment of pain for a lifetime of happiness.  This is true, but no one tells you about the amount of pain you will be in days after having a baby.  Everything will hurt.  Your muscles, your privates just EVERYTHING!  But, you will have a cute new baby to try and figure out.  I was so grateful for my confinement time, it gave me the opportunity to heal, while Carl cared for me, we got to bond as a family and we didn’t have to entertain guests often, because ALL THE BLOOD! and MILK!  Heal up, there is plenty of time to see guests when you’re up for it.

Motherhood is lie because people will tell you, you’re baby will sleep through the night, but those nights never come! You will be lucky to have only 2 wakings a night, but you get extra special baby cuddles, and they wont last long, so savour every one of them.  People will tell you, you won’t sleep, but somehow you will start feeling like sleep is overrated anyways, you’ve got this! Things need to get done! People will say sleep when you’re baby sleeps, but obviously those people have a full time maid, chef and nanny to take care of all the other things.

Motherhood continues to be a lie when you buy teething biscuits and they say mess free and day’s later you’re still trying to get mushy cracker out of your hair that’s turned into a concrete substance.

Motherhood is the ultimate lie, because no one tells you how much love you will have for your children, no one tells you that even through all the pain, days where you feel overwhelmed, when your house is a complete mess and you’ve gotten zero sleep, that you will do it all over again, if it meant you got to have you’re children in your arms.  Motherhood might be a lie, but it’s a beautiful lie, that I would choose over and over again.  Motherhood has made me a stronger woman, and made me want to be a better person every day for my family.  Motherhood is a gift!