as mother’s day approaches I keep telling Carl that this is my Superbowl! The little boy that made me a mother came into this world like a wrecking ball and has been keeping us on our toes ever since.  

My respect for mother’s grow each day that I am one and makes me more sympathetic to my own mother.  We’ve always had a really strained relationship; my parents weren’t really around when I grew up (they were always working), they both tried to raise my sister and I on fear and general belittling as a way of having control over us .  The fact that how they insult other people with general bigotry and hate was one of the things that made me move out of the house as soon as I could.

After years of a strained relationship it took me having my own child for them to start treating me with more respect.  My mother with all her faults did the best she could, you can’t blame someone for saying things they believe are true.  My mother taught me a lot of things and I don’t think I would be such a strong person today with such determination if it wasn’t for her.  She taught me that I’m capable of handling a lot, that I can take care of myself really easily and has made me a kinder person that want to help as many people as I can.

My mother’s best quality to me right now and the most important thing is, what a great Grandmother she is.  She’s just the best grandmother around and I can just see the love she has for her grandchildren.  She spoils all of them rotten and you can just see her glowing with happiness.

Ever since I was young I told myself that I would be the best mother I could possible be to my children.  I would always be there for them and treat them with kindness and happiness.  So far I think I’m doing a great job and I hope to always remember that even in the most sleepless night.

To all the mothers of the world even if you’re just a cat mother.  You are doing great! Happy Mother’s day weekend.