Mornings around here


We’ve started to get a little routine here.  We wake up,  Arren plays with his papa, while I try to get a little more sleep, Arren drags me out of bed, I start making breakfast, we eat breakfast, get dressed and head to the park.

We are very lucky to live inside a beautiful green spot here in Poland and with that comes a whole lot of playgrounds.  After a rocky start of our little African child figuring out what cold was for the first time he’s finally adjusted and is dealing with it like a champ! He loves running around and going for his daily walk with us.

The family walk we take is the highlight of my day as well getting to spend time with my little family in the fresh air, before the day really starts is a little energy booster we all need to get going.

When Arren is done playing he likes running in the bicycle lane,  for some reason he only loves running in the bicycle lane, maybe it’s the thrill that at any second he can be taken out by a bicyclist or maybe it’s the terror on his parents faces, either way, this kid is making me prematurely age and I am not a fan!

but pushing boundaries is all part of growing up, so how can I blame him for pushing his luck and making his parents sweat!