Monkey see, monkey do

I’m always so surprised of the things Arren learns while we don’t notice.┬á It’s a big reminder of the important things to teach our children, by not teaching them and by just doing.

Our little habits can easily be picked up by our children, and their is a lot of things I want Arren to pick up on and a lot of things I’m still working on as an adult.┬á I want him to pick up my quick smile and cheerful glow, my sense of optimism and my knack for cooking, but the things I don’t want him to do is my sarcasm that just flows out of me, being a tad too passive aggressive and my need to always have things done quickly.

I want to teach him by example, that’s why I’m glad we’ve been doing sandwich drives for the homeless community around Fishhoek since Arren was in my tummy and since being out he’s been involved in 5 sandwich drives.┬á I want him to always help where he can and always have a sense of kindness to him always think about his fellow man and always realize we are all equal.┬á I often tell Carl that we are all friends through Jesus Christ, but in reality we are all brothers and sisters, we all share a heavenly Father and have a connection past this earthly life, we are all experiencing this earthly life together, and even though our trials are different we are all the same and equal.

whew, a little bit deep, but it’s just been swirling around in my head lately.┬á I’m grateful for this beautiful life and I’m grateful for my experiences, they shaped me into the person I needed to be and motherhood has shaped me into the woman I always wanted to be.

Here is a bunch more photos of Arren playing with our broken camera.

^^ I hate the way I look in this photo, but I love how happy we both look.