The many colors of Fall in Gdansk

Gdansk in fall is amazing the colors are everywhere around,but what really stands out to me is how much green and other colors still shine through.

The roses are still blooming the forest is still dark green, the grass is still greener than green, but in-between all that is the yellow and brown leaves of fall.

This is one of my favorite times in the Park being so close to nature and being able to see everything happen so dramatically is really something special.

We’ve always said that Arren’s spirit animal is the fox, when he was conceived we saw a fox run past us, now everytime Arren and I go out for a walk no matter if it’s day or night time we see a fox.┬á ┬á I never know if it’s the same one coming to say hello, or if it’s a little fox family.

These moments feel like it’s passing by way too fast, I can’t believe we’ve been in Poland for more than a year now.┬á These moments are fleeting, but precious.