Too many cars to carry

Living in an apartment has been a big change for us, Arren gets very cooped up really fast and wants to play outside quite often.  Luckily for us he plays everywhere he wants to outside the apartment block.

Most of the times he takes out too many toys, and we end up having to put all of it in the backpack so he can run around, but then we take it out when we find the perfect little spot.

but really most of the time I’m screaming don’t run into the road, while chasing down the fastest toddler in the world.

I don’t know what it is about this apartments little drive out zone, but everyone has extremely fancy cars and everyone tries to show that off, by driving way too fast inside the apartment buildings.

But back at the apartment we always have Paris.  Well, a little postcard that Carl grabbed me in Paris when Arren took a danger nap and didn’t want to sleep and I told him we should go into the city to see the lights, but you know he didn’t want to and got Arren and I this Paris at night postcard that he just loves so much.  He sure did love Paris.