Mamas boy

Arren is such a big Mamas boy, when I’m not around he will tolerate Carl, but if he just sees any glimpse of me, he will start thrashing and turning like he never wanted Carl as his father.

They say you shouldn’t have favourites, but man, it feels like children never got that memo. ┬áArren is a big Mamas boy and he doesn’t care who knows it, it sometimes feels like he wants his dad to know that he’s just second best, a mere stand in for those times when Mamas making him his meals.


he doesn’t know that I see him smiling and giggling when I’m not around, the obvious signs that he’s having a good time, but the it all changes when he sees me, it’s like he thinks he will offend me if he has a good time with his dad. ┬áThe desperate fast crawl to get to me, pretending like his papa is going to chase him down and take his precious mama away from him.

Dearest Arren you can have a good time with your dad.  I wont get jealous, just yet.