Malmo Sweden with a peanut allergy

Is Malmo, Sweden safe for someone with food allergies?

We found Malmo amazing in dealing with Arren’s allergies, in our time there he didn’t have one reaction.  We didin’t eat out, but we tend not to, we did however stick to our allergy favourite of burger king for dinner, but we managed to find a lot of things for Arren to safely eat while there.

If you have a milk allergy it’s an amazing place to be. We found coconut yogurt, oatly oat milk, oatly cream cheese and a whole lot of safe breads,  for Arren’s multiple food allergies.

We found the products where extremely well labelled and trustworthy, people knew about the severity of allergies and everyone we encountered spoke excellent English.


  • We rented an airbnb with a kitchen close to a grocerry store to be able to make our own food easily.
  • Before leaving I researched the grocery stores.  We were close to a hemkop, they have a great online shop, that I translated to English to see if they had any oatly, I checked all the things that Arren would most likely eat.  The online shop showed the ingredients list and may contain, so it was easy to see what would be safe for him.
  • Find the words for your allergies in Swedish and read labels when you get there, it will most likely not be in English, but with a little planning you can be safe.
  • If you’re going to go to a restaurant take allergy cards with you translating your allergies into Swedish, make sure the waiters understand the severity of your allergy, if you don’t feel comfortable remember you can leave.
  • Be as relaxed as you can possibly be! Have fun! Try to put the what ifs away and enjoy the moment.

Common allergy translated to Swedish. 

Peanuts – jordnötter

Tree Nuts – trädnotter

egg- agg

Milk -mjölk

Soy – Soja

Mustard – Senap

Fish – Fisk

Shellfish – skaldjur

Wheat – vete

Sesame Seeds – sesamfrön

Sunflower Seeds – Solrosfrön

We found Sweden easy to navigate with food allergies, but that was our experience, we didn’t take any unnecessary risk, just because we are travelling with a toddler, they don’t really have a sophisticated palate so going to restaurants it him is just a pain.  You decide what your level of comfort is and you go with that.