Malmo Sweden Part 2

Because I had way too many photos for just one post, here is Malmo Part 2!

One of my favourtie parts about Malmo is that it’s so walking friendly, one second we were at the park, the next we found a giant windmill! and right after that we walked to the castle and right into the city center!┬á and all of that walking happened while Arren had the biggest meltdown of his life.

Well he’s almost two a lot of meltdowns happens these days, but instead of worrying if he would have a tantrum we decided to be a little more relaxed, what’s the difference between him having a toddler tantrum at home or him having a toddler tantrum in Sweden? Well, nothing really, so we neutralized the situations as much as we could and just went with it.


You will be surprised how fast you can walk with a screaming toddler in a stroller.

At one point he just wanted to be in my arms, and by the end of the day, I was exhausted! but we learned something about Arren he’s easy to bribe if he’s warm, he’s gotten some park time in, he has an oreo in his hand and a new toy wont hurt.

Travelling with children has made me realize what liars bloggers are! Seriously? In the wise words of Kelly Ripa, ” travelling with your children isn’t a vacation, it’s a trip”. and that is the truth! Yes, you will have great moments, but portraying it like it’s all sunshine and rainbows is wrong, yes, maybe that’s what they want to remember, but all those seemingly well behaved children that just love to be a one year old “looking at architecture” is ridiculous, the truth is you will have tantrums, you will have tears, you will have moments where you wonder if this was a good idea, but all in all it will be worth it, it will just not be as pretty as your little pottery barn catalog bloggers make it out to be!┬á but you will have memories that you will never want to trade.

Arren’s been slowly weaning himself, but yet he nursed on this trip, I didn’t plan for it and ended up having a cold tummy, but that’s what he needed at that moment, you just have to go with the flow.

No, your kids wont eat healthy or go to sleep at a decent hour, but the fun and not so fun moments will have a special place in your heart in the future.

and the only family photo you get together will be this, because finding someone to take your photo can be more difficult than expected.

How do you find travelling with your kids?