Malmo Sweden Part 1

Last weekend we had a quick 24 hour stop in Malmo Sweden, we had a lot of big plans to get the train to Copenhagen, but when you get blown away by the beauty of one country you kind of lose track of time.

Malmo is a public transport dream, but it was even better on foot, we walked and walked until we couldn’t walk anymore,┬á It was strange seeing such an oddly low amount of cars driving in the roads, instead you could see a whole lot of people bicycling around.

On a side note, Malmo or Sweden perhaps, the men have the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen they look like they stepped out of a shampoo ad.┬á It’s something incredible to behold, I guess the viking roots are still strong in Sweden.

Another thing I just loved about Malmo was the diversity, all the different ethniticities, getting along and making one beautiful country, they guy we airbnb’d from was from Chile.

His home was amazing Arren made himself at home from the beginning, he just started exploring and eventually made himself a little nest on the bed.  I loved all the plants he had around the house and the view was just incredible.

but we didn’t go to Sweden for the airbnb, we went to get to see this beautiful country and take a train trip to Copenhagen, what we didn’t expect was to be completely blown away by Malmo that we didn’t even have time to go to Copenhagen, but at least we could see the bridge to Copenhagen from our apartment so that made up for it a little.┬á ┬áEverywhere you turn there is something interesting.┬á ┬áInteresting fountains in a shopping center.

Interesting Playgrounds that Arren couldn’t get enough of

interesting, parks, and just a whole bunch of pretty things.

we spend  a good deal of our time walking around Kings Park, which is just breathtaking, walking around this magical park is like something out of a fairy tale.






I look like I’m celebrating Christmas a bit too early with my hat.




A highlight for me was definetly this bunny! because really, a frigging bunny!

It was just sitting in the park chilling, it just added to the magical feeling that Malmo left in our hearts.


Watch our youtube video for all the cute little moments HERE.