Magical Nature in Poland

Poland is alive! It’s  alive with beautiful nature that would inspire the most pessimistic writer.  

Everywhere you go in Gdansk, you will find a spot that just makes you go wow, the other day we were standing at the bus stop and my heart almost jumped out of my chest when I saw the most amazing apple tree, now I’ve seen some apple trees in my life, but this one was something special, filled to the brim with so many apples you would wonder why anyone buys apples here, the tree itself looked like something out of a fairy-tale, but this is not your typical fairy tale, this beautiful tree is next to a busy road, by a bus stop, overlooking a run down tennis court, but it still stands tall looking like something out of a modern tale, this tree isn’t the only example of how nature and city works hand in hand to make something beautiful.

The forest stand next to roads, and trendy shops, standing firm that they belong here, the streams running through parks that looks like no civilisation should be close, is proven wrong by the industrial cranes, pocking out from the tree line, but nature is here and it’s beautiful!

Poland is filled with the magic of nature, getting lost in a forest and finding yourself on a road is the norm, but those moments you get lost in the forest sweeps you out from under your feet.