love the present

Sometimes we are so focused on the future and even the past that we forget about the present and no matter how chaotic the present can be learned to love all the little moments right now, will all make the big moments in the future, the moment you look back at thinking life was fantastic and just keeps getting better/

The thing about life is it’s so fast moving these days that we are always looking ahead, always looking for bigger and better, looking for the moment it’s going to be just perfect enough to look like those perfect mom blogs, or those amazingly curated instagram accounts.┬á We are so focused on what we want that we forget to content, happy and ready to embrace the right now.┬á I’m guilty of wishing some days away waiting┬á in anticipation for when Carl can come home, just to have that little break.┬á Instead of wishing the days away looking for something better why not focus on the right now, finding the good in each moment, making life around you happy, instead of waiting for that perfect moment, make the moment your in perfect, play, read, have fun! You’ve got this.

Most of the time when we say we can’t do things, we are the only ones holding ourselves back when I say oh, I want to get to my courses, but I’m too tired I’ll rather watch a show, that’s me making excuses for not doing things, afterwards I never feel good, I always feel like i’m not able to get to anything, but you know what sometimes you should just let go of perfectionism and netfflix and chill.┬á Life is short enjoy it!