Lost Photos from Frankfurt Germany

As I was scrolling through photos I saw these that somehow didn’t make it into my layover in Frankfurt post, and let me tell you it’s just a shame.┬á

So instead of dwelling on why these photos didn’t make it, I decided to share them with you.

This was the look Arren gave me when I didn’t want to share my Brezel with him.

You should have seen the look on his face when I did this.

It was something like this.

yeah he was not impressed.┬á I just realized from looking at these photos that Arren probably lost his favourite toy phone in Frankfurt…Oh, well he got over it.

He was so happy to run around and that man in the green outfit was so mesmerized by him.┬á I mean who wouldn’t be look at that run.

I liked the color of this building, I didn’t realize it was an Irish pub until later.┬á Ireland always has our hearts.

I loved walking these streets, it’s so beautiful the old, mixed with the new.┬á The dirty streets, mixed with the clean building, all the cars and all the bicycles.┬á It’s a place you have to visit to get an idea how beautifully things can blend.

and to how that travelling with a toddler sometimes require bribe and snacks, but that okay too.