Like father like son

not only do they look alike, they now dress alike too.

having a little boy is gross, you don’t realize how outnumbered you are until something so gross happens, you can’t help but scream like a little girl, while you dry heave and figure out if you should wash out your sons mouth or just never speak to him again.

For someone that is so picky you will never believe the things that Arren will eat.┬á Sand at the beach? Yum, I’ll eat it by the fist full.┬á Banana peel? Strange consistency, but yeah I will give it a try.┬á Mama nose? It’s hard and squeeshy all at the same time, Mama doesn’t look like she needs it anyway.

but nothing can compare to Arren eating a bug….Yes, a bug, I can’t even explain the complete shock horror moment as I saw Arren find a dead beetle, pick it up and put it in his mouth.┬á ┬áAs I ran to try and swat it out of his hand, I heard the tell tale sound of crunch, I managed to get it out of his hand, but at that point he had gotten a taste for it, and was fighting me for his tasty bug.┬á As I told him no, he started crying like I took a way a delicious piece of candy and I was just the worst.┬á I couldn’t believe what just happened, after cleaning Arren’s hands and mouth I phoned Carl in a shock, only to be told it’s not that gross, and it’s bound to happen.┬á I put the phone down in a huff, realizing that the two trunkies in my life will always stick together and that they will have a bond that consists of being gross boys.

Not only do they look alike and dress alike, but they will always have the connection of being boys.

I guess I better learn to fit in, maybe I will eat a bug as an initiation.