Life lessons learned from a toddler

Toddlers are little philosophers, it might not seem that way with their over emotional behavior, but they are so wise in their young age, we make the choice if we want to learn from them or just roll our eyes wondering what the heck is up with this kid.

The what the heck moments can come often, lack of sleep, exhaustion from running after a toddler, trying to keep that reckless toddler alive, can make us feel a little overwhelmed, but everything has a lesson in it.


  1. When you’ve just cleaned the entire house and you come back to the room you left your toddler in only to find him having spilled his juice and gotten into the flour, this is a perfect lesson in patience.┬á Patience doesn’t come by hoping you will eventually be patient, it comes with experiences and being thrown into the deep end.
  2. When your toddler feeds himself and the entire floor, his face, the wall and everything is covered in food, it teaches you to never give up and independence.  From a young age we try to succeed in the things we try.
  3. When you have to run around a random parked car for the millionth time all while wondering why the heck is this so fun to you, it teaches you to find joy in the tiny things.
  4. When you have a long to do list, and you keep feeling your toddler pull you by the dress to play with him, it teaches you to slow down and be present in the moment.
  5. When your toddler doesn’t want to eat anything you make and prefers to eat play dough, it teaches you to get creative in the kitchen and sneak everything into their food, broccoli smoothie anyone?
  6. When you go for a walk and your toddler goes right up to a bunch of twenty something girls holding onto balloons it teaches you with the right amount of smiling, baby fat and determination you can get those balloons and make them yours.