Life is a park filled with pigeons

The parks here in Dublin are some of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever seen. ┬áSt Stephens Green, right in the city centre is a bustling little park filled with every accent you can imagine, people taking the most touristy photos you’ve ever seen and me, using my husband as a human shield trying to escape the insane amount of pigeons flying towards my face, while some weirdo tourist tries to lure them with food onto their arms for the most unhygienic photo the world has ever seen. ┬áIt feels like you are going into war when you enter the park on a busy day, people everywhere trying to get just the right photo to show how much fun they are having, while giving you dirty looks, because you made the mistake of just walking around in the park, because why would you just go for a stroll in a park?! The pigeons looking all war beaten with a look of “yeah, I’m going to flap my wings around in your face and you will like it” and all the excitable screaming all around. ┬áIt gives a pretty menacing feel, but its worth a trip, especially for all the tulips popping out! Its a beautiful little park, with a lot of great attitude, but when you want a more relaxed park day, Iveagh gardens is the best next thing.

Beautiful fountains, a waterfall that wasn’t on when we went and gypsy pennies all along the wishing well. ┬áIt would seem that some people missed the fountain in a rush to make a wish, but you know what…I think their dreams did come true, but maybe that’s just the optimist in me.


^^ A tiny maze and a sundial I’m pretty sure doesn’t get any sun any more thanks to capitalism, but we do have the watch so it doesn’t matter.


^^  These guys were having the best time ever, they even started bullying a poor border collie.




^^ Losing your mind never looked so cool.


^^ If you look closely you can see the moon and a plane.


^^ That park life.

IMG_1505new ^^ Dublin is filled with great sculptures.



^^ Magical tulips


^^ Its starting to feel a lot like spring.

What does the park around your area look like? Have you had some crazy experiences?