Life inside the cloud


Our new apartment isn’t called steep acres for nothing.  High on the edge of the mountain in-between all the clouds we call home.  The last two days have been glorious! I just love weather that doesn’t feel like your face is going to melt off or such hot weather that you can’t believe your scalp is sweating and getting a sunburn all at the same time, but these last couple of days have been pure bliss.  Cloudy, cuddly and oh, so amazing!  When its cloudy here it means we get engulfed by the clouds, it gives the term your head is in the clouds a completely literal meaning.  I can honestly say its pretty cool.  Pretty cool indeed. So keep your head in the cloud.  Its great up here.


I’m really grateful for this rain, not because I’m a selfish person that just loved living in Dublin so much that I wan’t to turn Cape Town into Ireland.  No, I’m grateful, because there’s been a serious drought in South Africa and the rain is much needed.  All the little plants look really happy and seem even more vibrant than ever.  On a side note; I happened to see there are some squash growing on the hill next to us, I’m not sure what it is yet, its still at the flowering stage, but you bet I’m going to turn into a serious forager when I see something growing!

Happy Friday!