Life in the Cape Town Drought

Experiencing the Cape Town drought has been a very humbling experience.┬á It’s helped me think about water as something that’s precious and that should be looked after, but now that the rain have come and I’m starting to see life pop out all around me, I feel a sense of cautious relief.

It seemed like the earth has become a sponge here and the rain was soaked up with such gusto that the little brown spikes that we used to call our grass, has been replaces by a beautiful soft blanket, now we are forced to hire a garden service to clean up the garden, because life and seriously long grass keeps popping up like that one chin hair that’s always longer than any hair on your entire body.

Flowers are blooming, you would be fooled to think that spring has sprung, but no winter is almost here, but with it, brings the beautiful colours of the rainbow, flowers popping out from the grass, lavender bushes filled to the brim and hope around each corner.  Conserving water has become the new normal here in Cape Town, and with that we beat day zero.

Now hopefully more rain will come and we will all keep using all these tips we learned for saving water in our daily life, because this planet is too beautiful not to give a crap about.