Letting your baby develop at his own pace

I’ve found myself more often than not, pushing Arren.  Pushing him to develop faster than he’s ready for, not letting him do things at his own pace.  

The constant demand of family asking “has he done this yet” or “why isn’t he doing this with more ease yet”, has found me in a constant panic of reading, googling and asking everyone I can about how things should be.  I started feeling like I was getting obsessed with everything Arren wasn’t doing and not just letting him do things at his own pace.

Since I was pregnant Arren has taken his sweet time doing things, he didn’t want to commit to being in the head down position and had his mama crawl around the floor for weeks trying to get him in the right position, he finally flipped right before my midwife appointment  and he was 2-3 weeks overdue.


when he does eventually get things, he nails it.  He was so overdue, but I only had an hour and 5 minute labor.  He rolled a couple of times and really wasn’t a fan of it and now he rolls continuously to get himself places.  His favorite place at the moment is the curtain in the lounge , he rolls to it and starts playing with it like a kitty.

Instead of driving myself crazy, I’ve embraced this pace, letting him develop and grow at his own pace, in a loving non pushy environment.   Babies can pick up on our emotions, supporting them and showing them we are on their team is the best way to let them flourish.

When I focus on everything Arren has done, it just makes me laugh.  He’s so great at picking stuff up that he’s picked up my 1 pound weight before, he zips his Papa’s jersey down when he’s fighting sleep, he opens all the doors for us, he sits like a champ even if he topples over sometimes, because when he sees those toes, they must be grabbed, he gets himself around by crawling on his back and kind of leopard crawling.

He’s the cutest and I love him so much.  Let’s stop pushing and start loving instead!