Lessons I’ve learned From My Son

Having little Arren Yuki in my life has truly filled my life with so much joy, but one of the biggest surprises has been what a little quiet philosopher this little guy is.  I feel like I’m getting the best wisdom in the world just from being this guys mom.  Every day is a learning experience with him, not only learning how to be great at eating with one hand  ( eat with chopsticks! It’s easier!), but some of the most amazing thoughts about simplicity and taking it slow.

He’s become one of the best teachers I’ve ever had and I know it’s just going to get better, he’s probably going to be a tough professor when the terrible twos hit, but the best lessons come from the toughest teachers.


  1. Enjoy the little things;  Going out for a simple shopping trip seems like the most extravagant thing you can possibly do and the most enjoyable experience.  If you actually get to shower and get dressed you will feel like its the best day of your life.
  2. Patience; When you pray for patience we get challenges.  Arren has taught me how to have patience and not get so easily worked up.
  3. A smile can make your day, your week ,your month.  We sometimes forget that a smile can make someones day.  Smile easily, you never know who needs one.
  4. To be brave;  I’ve always seen myself as a complete hypochondriac, but Arren has shown me my own strength.  From Pregnancy  to birth.  To doing everything in my power to get him away from the wildfire that had us evacuate our home and even seeing Carl chase a baboon out of our house while screaming and grunting at it.
  5. Endurance;  When you bounce the whole day, and you feel like you can’t go on anymore somehow you find the strength and endurance to continue or deal with the aftermath.
  6. Finding time for romance; everything can be turned into a romantic date.  Finding some time to watch netflix or having sneaky breakfasts alone while he sleeps.  Always find time for affection.
  7. To always look at the world with wonder: Always look at the wonder of this planet like its the first time you’ve seen it and the awe of being alive.  Sometimes just finding your arms is amazing just ask Arren.
  8. Don’t take life so seriously.  Laugh easily, but also cry easily.  Sometimes a beautiful nursing moment can have a surprisingly loud fart added to the mix.
  9. Babies are like cats: They love scratching you, making you work for their love and just seem disinterested in you a lot of the time, but them they smile at you.

I can’t believe I’ve been a mother for 6 weeks!  It feels like we’ve had him with us forever and I can’t wait to see what other lessons he teaches me. What lessons have your children taught you?