A kid at a candy store

When we set off on my Birthday adventure to Torun, I never in my wildest dreams thought we would get stuck at a candy store for like 30 minutes.  We knew there would be Pierniki, a  delicious gingerbread, but we didn’t know there was going to be every little kids dream hand made candy in beautiful shapes, riding on a Christmas train.

Torun is such a magical place in Poland, it’s what European Christmas dreams are made of, pretty lights, cobblestones, beautiful decorations, traditional treats everywhere and beautiful old buildings, huge Christmas trees and a little market to go with it, around every corner you can find gingerbread, a Torun speciality, but when we found the candy shop Arren lost it.

He immediately started breaking out in a little dance and pretend eating all the candy will screaming train and pop.

I’m still so sad I forgot to take a little video of his pure joy, but sometimes you just get lost in the moment and want to experience it in the now.


I send Carl in to go check if it’s safe for Arren and after reading all the labels, seeing it literally being handmade in the shop we made a judgement call to give it to him.


The pure joy in his face when I gave it to him was contagious, seeing little people experience such happiness for something as little as candy is wonderful.  It takes something so small to make them light up.  He smiled and screamed Oh,  yeah, oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah, for what felt like forever while dancing.



At first I was so sad it broke before I gave it to Arren, but after seeing him annihilate that candy, I was so grateful.


He was not happy when we wanted to leave, but soon was extremely happy with his lolly in his little chariot, the next week was a rough one as I tried to wean him off of candy after a very indulgent birthday week.

It’s fair to say that Arren’s little coat was ruined after this trip, I’m still trying to get the huge drool candy stain off of it.