an instant of life captured for eternity

^^ Yet again, Arren seemed to not care about the penguins.

^^ And this time he got really close to them. ┬áHe actually saw them, but nothing…not even a side smile.

^^ Pretty flowers on a walk around.

^^ when church starts at 9 and you’re already running behind schedule you don’t get the luxury of doing things like, your hair…..enter bad hair day!

^^ Happy guys!

^^ If you watch my insta stories, you would have seen these guys jamming out.  I only noticed afterwards that they were all looking at the camera.

^^ Mama penguin and baby penguin. ┬áNow that’s a big baby.

^^ and of course the cutest baby around these parts.

^^ Another pretty flower on a walk around.

^^ when you can’t find someone to take a photo of your family, you take a random self timer photo on a bench.

^^ Walking along the waterfront.

^^ This guy actually fell asleep in his stroller without a fuss!

^^ Their new favorite thing.

Hi friends! how was your weekend? Carl took two days off during the week last week so we got to go meander around.  Arren fell asleep in his stroller that led to a little impromptu lunch date on the waterfront! Sometimes being able to eat with two hands while staring at your sleeping baby is the most romantic thing ever, until he starts stirring and you decide its best to get walking.

We also went for a little spontaneous after church walk at the beach close to our house, turns out Arren still does not care about penguins or their mating calls or how smelly they are. ┬áHe’s been really into pretend reading that’s what I call it anyway. ┬áIf you give him anything with words on it he will start babbling away like he’s reading, if he can’t see it he stops. ┬áIt’s the cutest thing ever, he even gets really passionate and start enthusiastically babbling at some parts.

I’m so excited for this week, we are planning a little half birthday party for Arren with some family, because we don’t know if we will be here for his first birthday so we thought it would be a nice thing to do and I just really want to get myself half a cake!