an instant of life captured for eternity

Don’t be fooled by this cute happy face, this guy was really grumpy that it was so hot and bright and we dare take him out.

^^ This is the face of a teething baby.  He’s been baring his teeth at us and zombie biting everything he can.  He’s gotten ANOTHER tooth at the bottom now!

^^ Father and son bonding.  They look so similar!  Surprisingly Carl was one ugly baby, but Arren looks so much like Carl right now, it’s really strange!

^^ First time swinging! I’ve been looking for a park with a baby swing for so long now and finally found this one.  The parks here are so sad!

^^ Sometimes I find photography gold on the camera.  Like this one….Arren really going at the sand trying to Crawl in it, and me completely blinded by my hair thanks to the wind.

^^ I just love this little potato so much!

^^ Trying to amuse a very unhappy baby, he was so upset about the brightness! I got an instant headache when we got out of the car, I can’t blame him for being a bit upset!

^^ Not even a little smile.

^^ He was so intrigued by the sand,  he seemed angry at it, or like he was ready to dig his way out of this place.  It was the cutest thing he’s done!

^^ He was way happier walking this way with a shell in his hand.

^^ Sitting on his chair like a big boy.

^^ Such a little poser.

^^ I made raw sushi for our anniversary and man, was it good.  Cauliflower rice makes the perfect base!

Hello friends!  How was your weekend?  Mine was great, but so hot! We celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary and decided to celebrate the whole weekend.  I even decided to get out my mom jeans and get dressed up on Friday to celebrate the occasion! I’m glad I did, we had an electricity situation that had our neighbors at our door for a good period of the night.  I finally managed to figure out what the problem was and how to fix it, only to have them wake up Arren with a whole lot of ruckus!

I think the highlight of the weekend for me was that we finally watched a whole movie in one sitting!  Sometimes it’s the little things that are the best.  We also decided to take a drive out, for our anniversary, we stopped at this little beach and took a little walk around.  Arren loved digging himself a little hole, he got sand in every little nook and cranny of his body, but we got some amazing videos that I will cherish forever!    On our way back we had to make a quick stop, because Arren was really not feeling being trapped in the car for any longer,  this boy, HATES his car seat, I get it! It’s boring!  We stopped at this little park and as soon as we got out of the car Arren started laughing, like he knew he won!

We’re on a spending freeze at the moment! Why when you’re on a spending freeze everything always seem to go wrong? Flat tire? Check! Have to replace the whole tire? CHECK! Oh, well! At least it wasn’t all of them!