an instant of life captured for eternity

^^ After bath Arren wondering if we’ve put him into something silly.  Yes, baby boy we did. I will try to dress you in silly things until you’re 18.

^^ a tale of everything is mine gone wrong and realizing the big black camera isn’t his yet.

^^still mesmerised by his cute feet, who wouldn’t be.

^^my foot.

^^ what’s that over there, I don’t know but its mine too.

^^ Half birthday party! We had so much fun celebrating with family and that we managed to keep Arren alive and thriving for 6 months.

^^ I marked it with my mouth so its definitely mine now.

^^ This boy loves his tiny skateboard.  Just like his papa.

^^ Baby baths are just so cute.  He loves playing with the water, getting out…not so much.

^^ Blue bear loves pear.

^^ always reading to this guy.  We actually need to get some new books, I’ve memorised all his books, I need some new material here!

Hey friends! After a couple of days of being offline, thanks to not receiving emails to update my domain name I’m back! I’m running out of space constantly on my phone, and my email is getting majorly effected by it! I need to make space, but how do you even decide what stays and what goes? It’s just too hard, but I’ve learned my lesson now!

Arren is in a very everything is mine phase of his life right now.  He looks at everything with a look that says “don’t even touch that, because it’s mine”, it’s making life really difficult, but really hilarious.  He refuses to take a sippy cup and just drinks water out of my glass and claims everything with his really drooly mouth.  He seems to be living by dog rules and just marking what is rightfully his with his mouth.  I’ve been marked quite a few times already, by licks, bites and chin suckles.