I’m a real mom

The term ” I’m a real mom” gets used a lot lately, especially when people mom shame, because believe me mom shaming works both ways, no matter what kind of mother you are. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a mother and why people choose to mom shame, or tell other people “well you’re not a real mom then”..  Yes, I’m doing things a bit differently, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a mom.  Mothers should learn to respect each other, if you’re a cat mother, a dog mother, a child mother or just a husband mother, we should all learn the value of what we do and how we look at each other.

Being a mother means more than giving birth or bringing up a child.  It’s loving and caring for something or people without judgement in our hearts and having an unconditional love that will make you do anything for that person.

Sometimes it’s hard to be different, but I’m proud of being me even if mother’s talk about how they survive motherhood with lots of wine and coffee, when I mention that I don’t drink or drink coffee, people tend to make a run for it.  I’m a real mom, I just don’t have the same trials as others, I have my own set of trials, like wondering if Dr pepper counts as a meal or do I really have to make myself a meal too.  I’m constantly blending food for Arren, trying to keep up with cloth diapering,  trying to keep him as happy as can be all while wondering if I will be getting any sleep tonight at all.  Sometimes I cave and use disposable diapers, this month has been especially rough on the disposables for us, I’ve hardly cloth diapered this month!

Motherhood is the holiest service we can possibly give, it’s working for bad pay, a boss that’s slightly abusive and never being able to get a sick day, but it’s the most rewarding job on this planet, it doesn’t matter if you’re a working mom, a stay at home mom, a vegetarian mom, a single mom or a single dad playing mom.  We are the best for our children, and we get to do what’s best for them.

I’m just trying to do the best I can possibly do and be the best for Arren.  He is my motivation for more and wanting more.  That doesn’t mean I’m perfect, but it means that I will strive for perfection everyday.

We are divine women, sent to earth to nurture and care for not just our children, but everything we encounter, if you see me with any stray animal you would know that .  We are all sisters, connected by our strength and power to run on so little sleep.

” There is nothing that is worth losing our compassion and sisterhood over “.  Bonnie Oscarson, truer words have never been spoken.  Sisterhood is eternal, just imagine a world where all women could unite in sisterhood, the world would be such a kinder place, filled with immense love!

Motherhood is the best part of my life so far, it makes me want to have a whole lot more children, adopt some children and own a farm to mother all the animals I can.  This gig is for me!

Let’s give ourselves some slack and do our best, because you’re the best for your child!