I’m On A Boat…a row boat!

A while back Carl and I decided to go try our hand at rowing, technically we wanted to go paddle-boating, but we couldn’t find a place to get our leg power on.  I’ve got incredible leg strength, but I  literally have no upper body strength.  Its like two spaghetti strands just trying to make it on my body.  I didn’t let that stop me! I tried and tried, until we got dizzy from going in a circle the whole time.  Carl on the other hand was a natural, that man is an incredible rower, he even had this look of determination on his face that was just really cute.

Everything was going well until I discovered bread in the boat and decided to feed it to the ducks.  They completely ignored the bread and  paddled faster than anything I’ve ever seen trying to kill us.  No, I’m not exaggerating.  They had a look in their eye, that said ; ” We are gluten intolerant, woman! How dare you?!”  I almost tipped the boat trying to escape.  In that moment Carl could have won an Olympic medal for rowing.  Thanks for saving me husband!

Its definitely a fun, cheap and beautiful thing to do.  Take a picnic, row, run away from ducks and just go laze around in the beautiful park.

Sober Joburg things to do

^^ So beautiful and serene.  A great place to get lost in a book or just get lost.

Sober joburg things to do

^^ Another photo with me and a tree.  I don’t know what Carl is trying to tell me, its obviously not that I’m tall.

Sober Joburg things to do

Sober Joburg

^^ Tree!

Sober Joburg

^^ Danger walking.

Sober Joburg

^^ Great form.


^^ Not so great form.  What is my hand doing?


^^ upper body strength.


^^ Spaghetti arms.


^^ The view was nice.


^^ The light on the water was magical.