Horse ride to visit the ducks

Every morning Arren has one request, the request that we put our human behaviour away, and transform into a beautiful steed for him to ride all the way to the ducks.

It was no easy task convincing Arren that the cold really wasn’t so bad, this little boy was born in Africa and has never really experienced cold before.┬á ┬áHe was not a fan.

He refused to leave the house, he didn’t want anything to do with this white stuff that hurt his fingers even while wearing mittens and a snowsuit.┬á ┬áBribery worked at first, but that only got him to the apartment door.

My little active toddler turned into a couch potato, but soon his little body adjusted to the cold and he got used to putting on his hat, mittens, jacket and snow boots.

He even puts his own hat and shoes on now, and if he finds a random sock lying around you better believe he will put it onto his cute little feet.

His request lately is all about going for a horse ride, on either his mama’s back or his papa’s, I’m always over the moon when Carl is the lucky horse chosen, because man, has this boy gotten heavy!

With this horsey request comes the request of going to visit his beloved ducks.┬á Every morning we go say hello to the ducks and hope someone didn’t decide to feed the ducks peanuts, so little Arren can say hello to the ducks without a reaction.

The one thing I really love about Poland is how safe it is here, walking around without a care in the world not having to worry that something will happen is a wonderful feeling, I’ve lost bottles, shoes and vegetables, and have had it all returned to me or left exactly where they were.┬á Carl lost his bank Card and it was returned to him via the bank!┬á ┬áExpat life can be such a culture shock, but also comes with its perks.